7 Essentials for the Traveling Yogi

Whether it’s your first trip out of the country or your 100th I think we all figure out what our “must have” items are pretty quickly. I thought I would share some of mine with you. Here is a curated lists of my favorite travel essentials for the traveling yogi. Combining all of these into a sweet little gift bag would be an awesome gift for a friend or partner heading off to go on a yoga retreat or yoga teacher training.

Essential Oil(s)

essential oil for yoga

I bring essential oils with me every time that I travel… seriously! Here are some of my faves:

  • Lavender- calming and relaxing, antiseptic properties
  • Lemongrass- repels bugs & helps relieve gas
  • Grapefruit or Bergamot- uplifting and energizing
  • Tea Tree- antibacterial & antifungal
  • Clary Sage- balancing & helps relieve gas
  • Peppermint- Helps an upset stomach
  • Favorite pre-blended oils like Doterra OnGuard (keep those nasty germs away!)

I’m not a Doterra rep, but they make awesome therapeutic grade essential oils. Contact Toni at BarefootBlissYoga.com if you’d like to place an order.

Traveling Yoga Mat

manduka yoga mat

I use a Manduka Travel Mat. It has been a wonderful investment. Since I’m always on the go I love that it packs down small. It’s perfect for a home practice or to provide a barrier between me and a yoga studio rental mat.

Body Spray/ Mat Spray


Long travel days sometimes mean not having time to freshen up. I like to create a custom blend of essential oils in water in a little bottle. I can spritz it on my face, my underarms, my yoga mat for a quick freshen up. It’s not perfect, but it always makes me feel a bit more human. If you’d prefer to purchase a pre-made spray I’ve enjoyed this one by Buddha Nose.

Neem Face Mask


I live in the high desert of Oregon where it is dry all year round, but my traveling often brings me to hot humid destinations and my skin hates the transition going back and forth between ultra dry and humid. If I’m leading a retreat I need simple and effective skincare. I have no time for frivolous things. I bring a little mini pot of my Theraneem neem face mask with me always!

Calendula Face Cream or Balm


Calendula is wonderful for combatting inflammation. When I was dealing with perioral dermatitis I used it religiously day and night. Calendula is nice and gentle for sensitive skin (which I have) and can be used on your face and even on sunburns if you’re in a bind and forgot aloe. I’m currently using a homemade calendula balm similar to this product by MJ’s Herbals. When I’m at home I use Weleda’s Baby Calendula Face Cream. It’s a bit richer and perfect for the super dry air here.


Playlists, radio, all your favorites and tons of music to discover and it works outside of the U.S. too. And you can follow your favorite teachers and their playlists. Music for the beach, for lounging by the pool, for relaxing, and for your yoga practice all in one. I’ve been using Spotify for two years now…. and I haven’t gone back to Pandora (at least not regularly). Follow me on Spotify.

Smartphone stocked up with Podcasts


Over the past year or so I have really gotten into Podcasts, particularly for long haul flights and long distance drives. I like that they’re more than just entertainment, they’re educational too. Interested in checking out a new podcast? Take a peek around our blog in the next couple of days. I will be posting my faves shortly.

Yogis what would you add to this list? I’d love to hear it!

Love and Light,


Autumn Adams
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Top Five Carry On Necessities


Happy Tuesday yogis and yoginis. I’ve just made it home from an incredible trip to Nicaragua where I had the opportunity to host my second annual yoga and surf retreat at Costa Dulce and explored Finca Esperanza Verde in the high country above Matagalpa. I feel truly blessed.

I’m constantly traveling and I thought that it’s about time I share my must have carry on items. These are the items that are always in my carry on bag.

  1. My phone. I load my phone up with music, guided meditations and podcasts. I also transfer off old photos and videos to clear space for new memories. My phone also has Duolingo (a language app) and XE (a conversion app).
  2. Journal and pen. I love writing lists and flying is the perfect time to write lists, to-do lists, goals, business plans, brainstorm ideas, etc. Your journal and pen can also help you de-stress (get those thoughts out of your head on paper) and connect with your seat-mate (tic-tac-toe, hangman, etc.). Also, nice to collect other people’s contact info, etc (make sure to write a note or two about them, so you’ll remember them later).
  3. Toiletry kit. I occasionally overdue the toiletry kit ie. I stuff as much possible into that little bag. Here is my loot: Alaffia Purely Coconut Fair Trade Lip Balm or ALL Good Lips Coconut Lip Balm with SPF 20, Weleda Calendula Baby Face Cream, ALBA Pineapple Enzyme Face Wipes, Crystal travel size deodorant, toothbrush and paste, and doTerra OnGuard or Wyndmere Immune Support Essential Oil.
  4. Tea and Emergen-C. When traveling we’re not sleeping well and we’re continually being bombarded by germs. I pack a couple of packs of Emergen-C and a couple of different teas (Peppermint for digestion, Lavender Honey for relaxation, and Green Tea for an energy boost)
  5. Comfort Kit. My manduka travel yoga mat (awesome for long layovers and in-seat lumbar support), inflatable neck pillow, eye cover, ear plugs and ear buds.

I know I said 5, but I also ALWAYS pack a destination appropriate change of clothes. Fresh clothes and a few minutes in the bathroom freshening up can make a world of difference… trust me.

What are your favorite carry-on items?

Safe travels yogis!

Love and Light,


Autumn Adams
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