Yoga Retreat Testimonials

I loved everything. Literally everything. The two locations and experiencing two parts of the country, the people, the practice, the food, the activities… everything. My favorite part of the retreat was the BPP day. And also meeting so many wonderful people. Sorry, couldn’t narrow it down to only one! It was so amazing to connect with each person here and at the school and hotels. There’s not really anything I can think of improving/changing, except maybe make it a couple of days longer!

Thank you so much for everything! You’ve been such an inspiration to me! XOXO

Stacy J., Back to Nature Nicaragua 2018

I  loved everything! I loved that we got to experience two different parts of the country. It was as if we were on two separate trips, so we got the experience of going somewhere new with a different environment, different vibe — twice! I loved how it felt very spiritual in a yogi sense and brought everyone together like a family.

My favorite parts were the place(s), practice and people. Sorry, there are three, I can’t choose! But I think all three Made the experience what it was and I feel so lucky!

Thank you so much for accommodating me so last minute. I truly believe I was meant to be here and I’m so grateful the stars aligned to make it work. You did an incredible job. The environment you created made it possible for each person to open up in their own way and connect to each other in the most real way. You have something amazing going. Thank you thank you!!

Hilary K., Back to Nature Nicaragua 2018

This was life-changing and 100% an investment for my life. You did an incredible job and your style, vibe and energy is exactly what I hoped for.

Lacey R., Back to Nature Nicaragua 2018

The yoga sessions were so thoughtfully done, with an excellent connection and cohesion between them. The teachings and the movements were their own journey — a shared, but deeply personal journey– inside of an off the beaten path, authentic travel experience.

Cindy P., Back to Nature Nicaragua 2018

The people, the venues, the country — your teaching Autumn — always awesome. The activities offered were also great — loved the hikes! I loved it all, but practicing at the finca with the toucans flying past, the hummingbirds and the sunset. Then practicing with the monkeys in San Juan. I honestly don’t know how you improve on this — it has just been awesome!!!

Heather B., Back to Nature Nicaragua 2018

I loved everything during the entire retreat! I loved having been at two beautiful places, both so different from each other. It was great to start in the mountains, I feel like it was a great place to let of so much pressure I had put on myself during my daily life and release negtive energy, stress, painful memories and insecurities. I had a lot to work through myself, so I felt quite emotionally exhausted the first two days, struggling with all the additional emotions that were shared by everyone else, but at the same time very much appreciating that everyone was so authentic, open and honest. During the second part at the beach I felt filled up with energy, calmness and joy. I really enjoyed spending time outside in the sun, on the beautiful yoga deck, surfing and enjoyed spending time with everyone in the group!

Today, at secret beach was so incredibly beautiful!! But everything was! I will definitely remember the wonderful yoga classes, the peaceful and supporting atmosphere, the great nature, wonderful people… it is hard to say what was my favorite. I really appreciate the flexibility you gave us, allowing us to have some time for us too. Thank you so much for the wonderful retreat!

Stephanie, Back to Nature Nicaragua 2018

Thank you. I feel honored and grateful to have been a part of this retreat. The retreat was more than I had hoped for. I made friends and learned to let go of some things I was holding on to. I feel like I have made bonds with new people that will last a lifetime. I will be repeating to myself that I am enough– it was a good reminder to hear that. Thank you.

Heather T., Back to Nature Retreat 2017

Thank you for your guidance, presence and sharing your gifts and purpose with me. I am honored. I’ve learned the importance of taking time for myself — for retreats like this, yoga classes, meditation. Ensure I do things that bring me joy. I’ve grown with presence and self awareness. My favorite part of this weekend was the whole weekend, the spiritual connection, the connection with others, and embracing the unknown. LOVE and BE LOVED! XOXO

Sarah B., Back to Nature Retreat 2017

Thank you so much. I am so happy I came to this retreat. Keep up the retreats– it’s your calling. You ladies work very well together.

Cassie J., Back to Nature Retreat 2017

I feel more connected with myself, women and the earth. My mind has expanded and been exposed to new ideas, beliefs and feelings. The increased sense of spirituality is something that I didn’t realize I was missing and I will continue to pursue. Thank you.

Clare T., Back to Nature Retreat 2017

Thank you for creating such a wonderful weekend. This was more than I ever could have imagined. It was exactly what I needed and I didn’t even realize it. Thank you!!

Jen Bowen, Back to Nature Retreat 2017

LOVED partner yoga! The food was amazing! Great 1-on-1 attention that helped strengthen my yoga foundation. Thanks for the incredible weekend! Really glad I came!

Megan L., Back to Nature Yoga Retreat 2017

I loved Saturday morning’s energizing flow, the time spent reading by the creek, sharing a tipi with ladies I did not know and of course the amazing, healthy, and delicious food. I’ve also learned to be a more patient and receptive yogi. Thank you! Namaste! XOXO

Erika V., Back to Nature Yoga Retreat 2017

Thank you both for everything this weekend – I truly feel reconnected to myself, nature, and to all that I need. I needed this more than I knew. I enjoyed the beautiful location, balance of scheduled activities, free time, supportive and open environment, opportunities for connection with others and self reflection. I feel like I’m able to focus on my breath, listen to my body and let go of the pose needing to be “right” (still safe).

Anonymous, Back to Nature Yoga Retreat 2017

I enjoyed all the yoga practices and the meditation so much. Guidance in looking within, sharing and support. The food was incredible. Loved both Autumn & Toni and their individuality and different styles. I have grown in my appreciation of yoga beyond the achievement of the poses. Thank you so much.

Sue S., Back to Nature Yoga Retreat 2017

I’m grateful for the balance provided between structure, guidance and freedom to discover my own path and insights throughout the weekend. You both have been amazing at promoting connection and sisterhood. The setting is amazing. Authentic genuineness. Attention. Individual and collective growth. I am more confident on my mat and more understanding of  the practice and of my self- alignment, importance of solid foundation AND my heels hit the mat in downward facing dog!

Kim P., Back to Nature Yoga Retreat 2017

In yoga I’ve learned more in these past two days than I have in the past twenty years…. alignment, spirit, and the physical body.

Anonymous, Back to Nature Yoga Retreat 2017

I truly enjoyed all of the workshops! They were new to me and so appreciated. The atmosphere and environment are so welcoming. I loved the altar ceremonies and all of the thought that went into it. I feel I was able to share and embrace what others are going through. And becoming more comfortable with people I don’t know. It’s beautiful to be open and vulnerable in a safe place. XOXO

Whitney B., Back to Nature Yoga Retreat 2017

Thank you for everything you did to make this retreat happen. I appreciate the energy and effort you put in to both manage logistics and to create a safe and positive space to build community. I’ve grown in awareness of myself and my desire to find community and serve others and I appreciated the sense of community created by shared practice and intentional encouragement by our lovely instructors Autumn & Toni.

Meghan L., Back to Nature Yoga Retreat 2017

I loved everything honestly. From the classes and workshops, to the free time offered, to the more intimate altar ceremonies. My favorite was the partner/community class at the end– so empowering. I’ve grown in my practice — yoga and meditation– and I feel more confident and accepting of myself. My dream yoga destination would be Bali. But I love traveling, so will follow wherever you go. Also, wanted to do a short shout out to the Tipi Village– this venue is a magical oasis and was everything I needed to get back to nature and more!

Katie Z., Back to Nature Yoga Retreat 2017

I loved Autumn & Toni. So caring, genuine and patient. This is my first yoga retreat and I’m new to yoga. You both made me feel so comfortable and welcomed. The only suggestion I have is to add one more day. I feel like this was/is life changing for me. I honestly feel and believe that I am enough, I do enough and I love myself. I learned to be kind, gentle, and patient with myself.

Linda B., Back to Nature Yoga Retreat 2017

Autumn and Toni your pure selves reflected in your teaching. I had some deep realizations this retreat about some of my relationships. The spiritual aspect added to this retreat was absolutely amazing. I also cannot wait to bring the new knowledge into my own classes to best assist/guide my students safely. Sustainable yoga! I have so much gratitude for this place, retreat, community, both Autumn and Toni I thank you both for all that you are and all that you shared.

Taira S., Back to Nature Yoga Retreat 2017

I enjoyed having both challenging and relaxing/restorative yoga classes. I really enjoyed the alignment workshop, yoga nidra, and the partner yoga poses. I also enjoyed both evening ceremonies. I felt a greater connection to the women here and women in general. I felt like I reconnected with my sister after her travels and I gained knowledge and ideas that I can use as a student or a teacher.

Charlotte L., Back to Nature Yoga Retreat 2017

The added workshop and altar circle was community building and healing. Both Autumn and Toni bring special gifts that foster personal and collective growth. This retreat accelerated my growth in my journey to listed fully to others and to observe rather than always take the stage. My alignment and self awareness received a much needed tune up! Thank you! from the bottom of my heart for sharing your sacred gifts.

Kelly D., Back to Nature Yoga Retreat 2017

If I could describe this yoga retreat in one word, I would say AMAZING! The place it self is stunning. You’re actually doing yoga with the hummingbirds all around, you stop a yoga pose for a while to watch toucans flying or to take a look at the sunset over the mountains.

Autumn is even more amazing. Her teaching is always just on point : serious and mindfullness with a bit of humour and so much compassion. She’s aware of what you need and always there to help you. For me, the practices were just enough similar to feel secure and warm and just enough different to challenge and stimulate me.

On top of that you have amazing food, amazing staff, many lovely activites like guided walks or musiciens around the camp fire and really comfy bed!

I went there just to do yoga but I found so much more then that. Merci beaucoup for that AMAZING week. It was too short!

Catherine Demers, Montreal, Canada, Yoga in the Clouds: Yoga Retreat in Nicaragua 2017

During the Bali yoga retreat I enjoyed the space and time to relax and absorb the philosophies and teachings I learned as well as the feelings of presence and awareness inspired by yoga. I’ve become stronger, both physically and mentally. I’ve gained a new sense of purpose and inspiration in my life. I’m grateful for the new friendships, old friendships, the gift of awareness and my newly defined dharma code with which I can go forth into the world with love.

Heather Rapp, Big Sky, MO, Bali Yoga Retreat 2016

I am grateful for Autumn giving me the opportunity to come to Bali and the support of my family. I’ve learned to appreciate the strength of my body as it takes me where I want to go. I have grown to be more open with others, more confident in my yoga practice and to be more appreciative of what I have. The people, the beautiful accommodations, the adventures, the kick ass yoga classes… I enjoyed so much!

Abby C., Bend, OR, Bali Yoga Retreat 2016

I enjoyed the camaraderie and meeting new people. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. The practices were well thought out and meaningful. I did more yoga than I thought I could physically handle. I learned on this journey of what is possible and also the importance of forgiveness. I felt the flow of the retreat went well and would not change a thing. I’m grateful for Autumn the “pillar of love” who shared experience and her love — for that I have gratitude. Thank you Autumn. Namasté

Linda G., Bend, OR, Bali Yoga Retreat 2016

I enjoyed how challenging the yoga classes were, that was seriously amazing! I have gotten stronger physically this week definitely. You are an amazing teacher! I have realized that I have a lot of room to grow on the inside, but that I’m stopping myself by being scared. I am grateful for everything about this week. It has been stimulating in so many ways, challenging in so many ways, relaxing, fun, interesting and filled with wonderful people.

Savannah B., Chicago, IL, Bali Yoga Retreat 2016

I enjoyed much about this retreat. I became closer to myself and Linda my beautiful wife. The food was awesome! Facility was great and beautiful. The waves always crashing in the background. I’ve learned to better live with myself, to follow my dharma, and to be true to myself and others. I’m more aware of my emotions and my connection with Linda. I’m grateful for finding my dharma code and being able to take this back to the “real world”.

Dave G., Bend, OR, Bali Yoga Retreat 2016

I enjoyed the beautiful setting, the babbling creek, the amazing, nourishing food, the loving women who came together and most of all the yoga practice! I am very new to yoga and has some anxiety and self-consciousness going into the retreat, but Autumn and Toni and the other women made me feel so welcome. I loved the long length of the sessions. I like that nothing about this weekend felt rushed.

Holly Davis, Eugene, OR, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

I immediately grew as a yoga student because I felt empowered and supported to take risks in my practice and try poses I normally would not even attempt. I am also working on the “mental” piece of yoga and pieces of practice are helping me on this meditative journey. I have grown as a woman— I was reminded of my worth, my strength, and worthiness of love.

Suzanne Roddy, Boston, MA B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

I enjoyed the retreat’s environment of safety and acceptance as a beginner to yoga- the basic breakout session was so educational and helpful- I can’t wait to continue using the techniques at home.

Dianne Stoehr, Tacoma, WA, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

I loved this retreat! I have re-learned the ability to practice with intention and give my practice the priority it deserves in my life. Thank you Autumn & Toni!

Nanor Los Angeles, CA, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

I loved the yoga classes! They really challenged my yoga practice and allowed me to do poses I was having challenges with. I realized that I can do so much more than what I give myself credit for. The location couldn’t be more amazing. The food was also really wonderful.

Tayra, Los Angeles, CA, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

I enjoyed the casual “vibe.” I didn’t feel pressured to do anything outside of my comfort zone.

Alana, Washington, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

I enjoyed being surrounded by kind, generous, and like minded women as well as the beauty of wild life and nature. I feel as though I am more grounded with myself as well as feeling more patient with myself and others… I hope to come back next year!

Abigail Cox, Bend, OR, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

The relaxation and restorative elements of my yoga practice needs attention and focus. This retreat gave me new tools to employ.

Karin Barber, Portland, OR, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

Enjoyed the whole retreat- amazing location, food, classes, and energy…. I was able to truly relax and reconnect with myself.

Amy Kaplan, Colorado, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

Wonderful experience. Honestly, I can’t think of anything for improving.

Melanie Grandjaques, Bend, OR, B@N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

All was wonderful: the community of women, location, yoga, food. I have learned to be authentic, lessened the “need to please”, learned the difference between being “nice” and kind and speaking my truth without fear. Acceptance and self love for all part of me! Love you Autumn & Toni both amazing and inspiring women. So happy to share in your journeys. Thank you.

Christina Davenport, Bend, OR, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

I loved that this retreat was all about self love. Good food, wine, & yoga. No additional self help agenda. I learned that its so important to take the time for yourself and unplug. Autumn & Toni you are beautiful inside and out.

Sheri David, Colorado, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

I enjoyed the encouragement to listen and love your body, taking your practice at your own pace, yet allowing your body to be open enough to push to new levels as well. Very encouraging and supportive space to practice without judgement. Toni- love the way you explain and show each movement. I’ve grown as a student to allow myself to listen and trust my body and mind; in order to become more comfortable with my own journey of yoga. Autumn- you should do on tape meditation! Your voice is so calming and safe, really allowing to get into a meditative space with mind and body. THANK YOU BOTH!!!

Melissa C., CA, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

I’ve learned and felt the power and strength in being gentle, of using my intuition and emotions as guides to be paid attention to and acknowledged and I’ve learned that love starts with me.

Barbie Stoehr, Tacoma, WA, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

I loved the environment and how friendly everyone was. Lots of great women supporting women— so empowering. Also, the multi-generation of ladies— very fun. I learned a lot this weekend. Asanas, style, how strong I am and how much women are a key to my growth. This weekend was perfect! I could stay longer!!!

Carrie Lucas, Bend, OR, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

I enjoyed the thoughtful yoga instruction in a beautiful, peaceful and serene location. The Tipi Village staff were also welcoming and wonderful. And the food! I feel like I reconnected with my body in a way I’ve been ignoring since becoming a runner/jogger. I’m re-energized and motivated to incorporate yoga into my workout routine. Thank you so much! You both are wonderful instructors.

Felecia Wineman, Portland, OR, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

This is the most focused vinyasa series I’ve done and it makes me consider nuances in my practice (and therefore in my life) more. I loved getting info/guidance on how to do postures safely to alleviate current pain and prevent future injury, especially down dog.

Julia, Vancouver, WA, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

I enjoyed the company, the environment, the nature, the yin yoga, all the yoga! And the love and kindness that was always present. I have grown in so many ways, but physically I feel sore, but strong! Chaturanga!!!

Amelia W. Coos Bay, OR, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

I loved the tipis, food, practice, especially the yin and yoga nidra and the partner exercises. I improved my focus, awareness and meditation. Everything was basically new for me and there wasn’t a single thing I didn’t enjoy. I gained relief from my anxiety and found a new foundation within myself. I can’t thank you enough for that. I will always try to come back here in my heart and in my head when I need a reminder of where to find my inner peace… I can’t wait to return. I can’t wait to deepen my vinyasa practice.

Taira, Portland, OR, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

I loved the long yoga sessions, also loved the yoga nidra (even though I fell asleep, oops!). Great venue. So many great things! Partner Poses!… I feel very centered and I hope I can continue combining a bit of meditation with my yoga practice.

Karen Z. Portland, OR, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

I enjoyed the whole thing! I loved the classes, the difficulty was perfect. I found my ability to relax and let go improve. Thank you for your amazing energy love and light. This was so fun, challenging and relaxing. I’m looking forward to next time.

Lindsay W., Bend, OR, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

This retreat was certainly great! Autumn you are an awesome, fun and very informative teacher. I loved your flows and your classes! (As well as the meditation/nidra). Keep up the great retreating! I’d love to go to another led by you, Autumn!

Erin S., B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

I’m continuing to grow in my practice- I feel that I have many heartfelt pieces to carry with me on my journey.

Suzanne R, Boston, MA, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

I have grown as a student and instructor by reconnecting with myself and my yoga. I loved learning new things and having the opportunity to challenge myself with longer, more fulfilling practices. I can’t wait for your online course! You are so great, keep in touch!

Kelly D. Eugene, OR, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

Grateful that I’m always learning new poses, techniques. I realize I’m stronger than I may think. Love everything! Please do a retreat in Bend! This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Keep doing what you do!!

Brandi, Portland, OR, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

I enjoyed the laughter, love and kindness from this experience — the wonderful surroundings and food. I enjoyed the stillness I was allowed to have. I was able to push away the negative thoughts more easily. They may come back, but I am better able to focus on stillness and myself. Everything was wonderful!

Whitney M, Bend, OR, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

I enjoyed the time spent with a group of positive, fun, and hilarious women. Letting loose and enjoying the company of women was something my soul deeply needed. The yin/restorative nidra practice was just what my body needed to rejuvenate. The nice balance of structured and unstructured time was great.

McKenzie, Portland, OR, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

I loved how together it felt with this group of ladies. I loved working on my meditation practice because it really needs work. I also loved you because you are an amazing teacher. I think as a yoga student I have taken away how to be more present with my practice and let go of what I have to do next. 

Jamie B., Raleigh, NC, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2016

Autumn’s yoga practice is challenging, fun, motivating and light hearted. Laughing and giggling and her smile brought me at peace.

Thank you Autumn for creating a yoga practice that was challenging but lighthearted. Your smile and energy light up the yoga platform that makes the impossible, possible. Thank you for your kindness.

Maryellen F., Philadelphia, PA, Greece Yoga Retreat 2016

Autumn is a breath of fresh air, unpretentious, earthy and good humored teaching.

Ruth B., Bristol, England, Greece Yoga Retreat 2016

You ROCK woman!

Diklah O., Roseburg, OR, Nicaragua Yoga Retreat 2016

This was by far the best experience I’ve had in a yoga class. The instructor was balanced and the classes moved along at a good pace with time for instruction, corrective criticism, and questions. I received a lot of coaching which has already enhanced my practice and improved my physical wellbeing in general. The coaching was given in such a way as to not draw attention to my needs but to highlight the benefits of doing a pose the right way. After each class I felt stronger in mind and body and excited about the growth I was experiencing in my practice. I wish I lived in Bend so I could have constant access to such a great instructor. I will have to do more retreats now!

I never expected the multilayered, life-enhancing experiences I had on this retreat. The yoga classes/instructions were unmatched by any I’ve ever attended, instructing me into poses I only ever dreamed about being able to do while coaching my body and mind into a healthier alignment. The fellowship of the group, the beauty of the location, hospitality of the locals, and the quality of the food, accommodations, and activities all wrapped up together made this experience unforgettable, FUN, refreshing, and rejuvenating – I can hardly wait for the next one!

Helen A., Morganton, NC, Nicaragua Yoga Retreat 2016

You thought of every detail and every expense ahead of time so that we didn’t need to be concerned at all for the week. You gave us clear direction from the beginning about what to bring and what to expect. It made me feel very comfortable and trust that you had thought of it all. The bonus was the other wonderful people I got to meet along the way. It’s so awesome when like minded individuals come together for a joined experience. The positivity and energy of the group made it all the better. Yoga is all about community and judging by our thread we are still sharing, we were able to build a community in only a week. One of the reasons for this was your warm, hospitable charm and passion for retreats. I thank you for all of your hard work.

Meghan B., Saskatchewan, Canada, Nicaragua Yoga Retreat 2016

From the moment I booked the trip I knew I was in good hands. Autumn made sure that all the details were covered and insured that I was comfortable throughout my first international travel experience. Everything was arranged and seamless from the moment we stepped off the plane in Managua, Nicaragua. The retreat center was serene and no matter where I was on the property at Costa Dulce, I had a view of a gorgeous beach landscape that was free of people and so peaceful. The Yoga Studio was one of the best places to take in the view, it was impossible not to have an amazing practice with the sounds of the ocean and the smell of the breeze. The occasional monkey spotting didn’t hurt either. Autumn was great with everyone at the retreat in her classes, spending an equal amount of time focusing on her guests and making sure everyone had the best practice tailored to their individual wants and needs. Everyone always left practice with a restful smile and a belly full of anticipation for the delicious food. Surfing was effortless with the guidance of the retreat staff and accessibility to the boards whenever we wanted them. The boogie boards were nice too, when we didn’t feel like going all out. The day activities and options they had available were also undeniably unforgettable. I chose to go on a night venture to a sea turtle reserve, and it didn’t disappoint. We saw different species of sea turtles hatching and making their way to the sea – never have I felt so grounded and close to the oceans natural beauty. The day trips to San Juan Del Sur to shop and experience the restaurants were also a nice way to switch it up and really take in the Nicaraguan culture. Overall, my experience with Ambuja Yoga was made by Autumn’s attention to detail and ability to seamlessly plan an unforgettable retreat. I returned home with memories that will last a lifetime and the rested body and mind that I was searching for. Thanks Autumn! I had a blast!
Brit F., California, Nicaragua Yoga Retreat 2015
Autumn is so clear when she guides you through a movement. She thought of everything from beginning to end. We had an amazing venue and it married so well with the energy of our group and teacher. We enjoyed a hike with amazing mountain views (we were rewarded with a great lunch at the top), tons of yoga class time, plus time to relax and visit with others.. She provided special gift bags, which I thought was so thoughtful and a reflection of her generous nature. It was a great weekend and am really looking forward to next year!
Carol E., Prineville, OR, B2N Oregon Yoga Retreat 2015
Two years ago, at age 60, I met Autumn.  My yoga practices quickly went to a new level attending at least 5 practices per week. Autumn[‘s]… classes can be both subtle and rigorous.
My interest in yoga began because of my stiff joints & bones caused by using cholesterol lowering statins for 20 plus years. Today I have the best HDL & LDL cholesterol levels since taking these medications. I am more impressed that I no longer have the stiff joint & muscle pains. What is more incredible is last year I was scheduled to have total knee replacement surgery. After 2 injections to the knee from the doctors & Autumn guiding me through my practices the Dr. decided I did not need surgery. My legs gained strength & flexibility & last year I played the best golf of my life. I also skied 35 days this season. I know
this is not coincidence.
I cannot imagine living without my yoga practices & know it will be a part of my life forever! Thank you Autumn for your consistent high level of commitment, attention & spirit.
Dave G., Bend, OR, Yoga Classes with Autumn
My bridesmaids and I had the opportunity to take a private yoga session with Autumn before my wedding in July.  It was a perfect experience!  My girls and I had such a great time and felt amazing after our session.  Autumn was very sweet, accommodating and knowledgeable.  She even gifted me a bottle of champagne!  I would recommend her in a heartbeat to any bride looking for a special experience with her bridesmaids before her ‘big day’!  I give Autumn a two thumps up!     

Liz Sawyer, Bend, OR Private Bridal Yoga Session

“The day was incredible and starting the day with yoga was perfect. People keep asking me, “did it feel like a blur?” and actually, it really didn’t. I felt very connected and present during the entire day and I truly believe starting the day with centering my spirit with yoga played a big part in that.”

Colleen W., Portland, OR, Private Bridal Yoga Session