About Us


A Letter From Autumn Adams, the founder of Ambuja Yoga

Welcome to Ambuja Yoga! I’m thrilled that you’ve found us (and that you’re snooping around our site to learn more). Each and every day I am thankful for this community of awesome, powerful and compassionate yogis. I am grateful that you’re here and that you’re interested in investing in your wellbeing by attending a yoga retreat, yoga teacher training or group class.

I created Ambuja Yoga in 2014 as an outlet to share my passion for wellbeing and balanced living while actively creating a life that I LOVE. As Ambuja Yoga came into fruition and evolved into what it is today, I can honestly say that I have found my path, my life’s work, my dharma.

I want the same for you. I want you to love the life you live. My hope is to empower YOU to be courageous (to take those leaps), to handle life’s challenges with grace, and uncover your life’s sankalpa (an intention that guides you in all aspects of your life).

You are worth it! You are worthy of investment. No more excuses. I want you to step out of your comfort zone, out of your rut, and make big changes in your life.

Our yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings are created to be more than an opportunity to deepen your yoga asana practice. They provide an opportunity to completely step away from daily distractions, to overcome fear, to break bad habits, to see things as they really are, and renew your sense of self worth. Our yoga retreats and teacher trainings encourage you to create subtle shifts in your perspective while discovering how you want to show up in your life.

Happiness is an attitude, acceptance is a choice and attitude is everything!

You are invited to join us on a yoga teacher training or yoga retreat… to nourish yourself from the inside out, to do something just for you, and create a positive shift in your life. You don’t need to be a “perfect” hand-standing yogi, you don’t need to know Sanskrit, you don’t even have to have a regular meditation practice. We love you and your individuality. We’ll take you as you are 😉

I look forward to meeting you on your mat!

Love and Light,