Privacy Policy

Ambuja Yoga values your privacy. We will never sell your email or spam your inbox.

1. Who/what is collecting the data?

Your data is collected by Ambuja Yoga. Your name and email are stored in Mailchimp. Mailchimp is our email newsletter platform. Mailchimp and Ambuja Yoga are GDPR complaint.

2. What data is being collected?

Only your name, email and email preferences are stored in Mailchimp.

From our retreat attendees we collect detailed contact information and health information. We collect this data for the sole purpose of providing safe retreats for our retreat attendees. Your personal contact, health or yoga experience is never shared with third parties and is considered confidential information by Ambuja Yoga.

3. What is the legal basis for processing data?

Data subjects have either consented to receive email notifications via an opt-in form or upon registration for an event/retreat.

Ambuja Yoga uses your data specifically for newsletter marketing purposes, retreat/event notifications, gift/giveaway notifications, and blog/educational content.

4. Will the data be shared with third parties?

Ambuja Yoga does not sell your data to third parties. Period! We hate SPAM! We respect your privacy and your inbox.

If you are attending a retreat with Ambuja Yoga, your consent is required for your email to be shared with the resort or its management.

5. How will the information be used?

Your name and email are solely used for the purpose of either specific event contact or our monthly/bi-monthly newsletters. These newsletters contain information about upcoming retreats and events, blog posts, educational opportunities and other relevant information.

All other information collected by Ambuja Yoga is used for the sole purpose of providing our retreat/event attendees with an appropriate safe experience. After the retreat/event is over, your information is stored away safe and sound.

6. How long will the data be stored for?

Ambuja Yoga will store your data until it is requested to be deleted or when Ambuja Yoga feels it is no longer necessary to hold onto the data, whichever happens first.

7. What rights does the data subject have?

The data subject may request that their data be deleted at anytime. Ambuja Yoga will act immediately to comply with the subject’s request and with GDPR guidelines.

8. How can the data subject raise a complaint?

Please contact Ambuja Yoga via email at