Set Your Intention

Sunset meditation

Each day, each time I practice, each time I’m feeling kinda crappy I practice setting an intention. Sometimes it changes, but it’s always positive. By setting an intention I am simply asking the Universe for something I need…. sometimes I need help; this has been a big revelation for me. We are all connected and simply putting the intention out there brings more energy our way: the help, the support, the acceptance, the growth, the openness, the confidence, the love.

Setting an intention each day allows and encourages me to live according to the yogic principles, to embrace the yamas and niyamas, the locks and keys, and to conquer the distractions that keep me from being the best person I can be.

If you’re new to yoga and just trying to figure it all out. Try setting an intention each time you’re in class, or first thing when you wake up, set an intention for yourself. For example, sometimes I find myself pushing and straining and that’s when I know I need more patience. At the beginning of class I will simply set patience as my intention, the posture will come, stop straining. And each time I bring my hands to heart center or I notice the signs of strain (rapid, shallow breath, trembling, becoming red faced) I remind myself that I’m supposed to be practicing patience and that I need to back off.

Setting an intention translates well to life situations off of the mat too. When you’re starting to feel agitated with your spouse, children, work, etc. just take a moment to back off and breathe. Eventually it becomes second nature. I promise!

Autumn Adams
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