Rick Steves says “ This is a great time to travel to Greece”

yoga retreat in greece

Rick Steves says it’s time to go to Greece and we’re going to Ithaca for our June Greek Island Yoga Retreat. Thanks for the validation Rick Steves! Greece is cheaper than ever. According to Rick Steves article in USA Today “Hotel prices are down, the normally warm Greek hospitality has ratcheted up a few notches, and roads outside of Athens are essentially traffic-free, as higher gas prices have caused locals to cut down on inessential driving. The downsides (shorter hours at sights, reduced long-distance bus service, occasional strikes) are noticeable, but not reason enough for you to postpone a trip. All the things you’re looking for in a trip to Greece — mouthwatering food, deep-blue water, striking scenery and the thrill of connecting with ancient history — are all here waiting for you … at a cheaper price.”

Summer 2020 we’re hosting our Luxury Greek Island Yoga Retreat on the serene island of Lefkada at the gorgeous Urania Villas from June 27- July 6, 2020. And we’re offering the retreat at an awesome price (starting at $2298 USD).

Many are concerned about the influx of refugees in Greece and there is no doubt that their presence is visible on the mainland and near the island of Lesbos. The arrival of refugees in Greece, while taxing on local resources, hasn’t affected the communities on Lefkada or Kefalonia (both are in the Ionian). On the islands of the Ionian Sea it’s business as usual… beautiful seas, friendly people and delicious food. As a whole Greece remains to be a safe place to travel and is still recommended by USA Today, CNN, Time, Travel & Leisure, and the United Kingdom. Now is our opportunity to help Greece recover from its fiscal woes and support Greece’s tourism industry, which makes up a whopping 15% of their economy.

Are you traveling to Greece this summer? Here is a little travel advice summarized from the numerous articles I’ve read.

  1. Bring 3 types of payment (credit, debit, and cash).
  2. Keep an eye on your things and be mindful of petty theft, particularly in Athens.
  3. Avoid demonstrations and strikes. Most hotel operators will be able to inform you of any planned demonstrations/strikes/rallies, according to the USA today “most rallies involve zero violence”
  4. Buy travel insurance and read the fine print. Make sure it covers everything you want it to.
  5. Even if Greece returns to the Drachma it will likely be devalued and Greece will continue to be a great deal.
  6. Be prepared for occasionally long lines at the ATMs in Athens and choose ATMs within a bank or hotel.
  7. Be prepared to be welcomed warmly, tourism makes up 15% of Greece’s economy and your presence will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Plan on arriving in Greece 24 hours before your retreat or tour begins and don’t forget to confirm your flights.

Our retreat is hosted on the island of Lefkada characterized by it’s laid back vibe and unhurried feel, PLUS it’s also home to ancient ruins. Pretty awesome. And just like all of the other Greek islands it celebrates delicious local cuisine, stunning vistas, charming hamlets and secluded beaches. If you’re interested in joining us for a week of celebrating life’s simple pleasures, erasing the pressures of daily life and enjoying world class yoga, cuisine and accommodation take a look at our retreat.