The Magic of Meditation


Hey yogis,

I’m writing here from the highlands of Nicaragua. It’s another beautiful, crisp morning and the perfect temperature for a meditation and solo yoga practice. I don’t know about you, but my newsfeed has been blowing up about recent studies done on the practice of meditation. I love that scientists are taking a look at this ancient practice and giving it the credit it deserves.

If you’re new to meditation I would recommend starting with a simple meditation like following the breath as it flows in and out. Also, start with a smaller amount of time. Don’t expect to meditate for 45 minutes right out of the gate. Start with about 5 minutes of quiet sitting with focus on the breath.

Curious about all of the studies done on meditation recently? Here are a few links.

And these are my favorite meditation apps:

If you have a favorite meditation app or have recently read an article about meditation I’d love to hear about it. And if you’re new to meditation I’d love to hear about how your practice is going.


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