Our Team & Partners

Autumn Adams: Founder, Retreat Leader, Dreamer, & Doer

autumn-adams-yoga-instructorAutumn founded Ambuja Yoga in 2014 as a way to not only share her love of yoga, travel & adventure, but as a way to cultivate intention, courage and grace in her students. She hopes her retreat attendees will leave her retreats with a feeling of purpose and with the ability to invite their intention into all aspects of their lives. She encourages her students to be conscious creators… to have the courage to take risks (both big and small), the courage to listen deeply to their body, to their gut, to their heart and the grace to “roll with the punches” on this messy path we call life.


Toni Larson: Yoga Instructor, Retreat Leader, Spreader of Love & Inspiration


Beauty moves Toni and touches her heart.  Toni’s yoga practice keeps her doing the things she loves most.  It has given her a recipe for life.  She is a better mother, partner and human being because of it.  Toni’s teaching provides a relaxed atmosphere. Toni approaches yoga with a very real and down to earth style.  Recognizing that each person’s body, range of motion, strength and energy are different, Toni is able to create and hold space so students can approach their practice with wisdom, courage and most importantly unconditional love. Toni has been teaching yoga for over 6 years and is the owner of Barefoot Bliss Yoga. I am thrilled to have her as part of our team. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming partnerships. Follow Toni at Barefootblissyoga.com or take one of her online classes on Mat2mat.com

Abigail Cox: Digital Marketer & Extraordinary Yogini

Bio PictureAbby was raised in a small town in Arizona. She started her professional career in Marketing, but her nag for cooking, holistic health, and crafting was always her true passion. She, her husband, and two rad kids moved to Oregon in 2015 to pursue a more fulfilled life that targeted their interests to be able to spend more time outdoors with Mother Nature. She loves to hike, write, play chef, read and expand her library, keep up on her green thumb, paint, craft, practice yoga, kayak, bike, and regularly stops to smell the flowers.

Kelsey Bushong: Recipe Creatrix, Blogger, Super Mom, and Rockstar Yogini

Kelsey-Bushong-Bio-PicKelsey is a stay at home mother to two young boys, Silas (3) and Felix (1.5). As someone who always loved to cook, Kelsey really dove into health and wellness during her first pregnancy. Going back to school after Felix was born, Kelsey altered her plan from Nursing to Nutrition and was accepted to the National College of Natural Medicine this past Spring to complete her Bachelors of Science in Nutrition. With her studies being heavily guided by ancient Ayurvedic practices, Kelsey is most interested in how food can be used as medicine and how diet and diseases relate. She hopes to spread the idea that clean eating and wellness are very much achievable for everyone and cooking clean and healthy does not have to be difficult!

Stacey Ripp: Marketing Manager & Creative Guru

Stacey RippGrowing up in the mountainous town of Bend, Oregon Stacey spent her early years exploring unmarked paths, hidden lakes and dirt roads. Her love for storytelling and communication led her to the Journalism school at University of Oregon.

During her time at UO, she found yoga and it was love at first sight. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and public relations she began her career at a marketing agency, where she worked with a variety of clients to develop creative campaigns and increase brand visibility.

Eventually, her love for mountains and dirt roads brought her back to Bend where she found herself in Elearning. She worked as a creative director to develop eLearning courses for thought leaders. Now, she continues to work in both eLearning and marketing as a freelance consultant. And of course, she still loves yoga and continues to strengthen her practice.