Private Yoga Lessons



A healthy yoga practice creates healthy joints, flexible, strong muscles and a balanced mind, body, and spirit. Autumn Adams teaches private yoga lessons in your home or in her home studio in Bend, Oregon. Autumn creates custom yoga sequences and practices that are tailored to each individuals’ goals; whether it is to reduce pain, increase flexibility and strength, reduce stress, learn more about yogic philosophy, pranayama or yoga nidra. Customized practice sequences, to be practiced between sessions, will be emailed to clients between 24 and 48 hours following a private session.

Individual Private Yoga Lessons

1 hr. $65
1 ¼ hr. $75
1 ½ hr. $85

Private Yoga Lesson Packages (in your home or Autumn’s home studio)**

1 hr. class x 5: $300
1 ¼ hr. class x 5: $350
1 ½ hr. class x 5: $400
** Class packages expire 6 months from purchase date.

***Autumn will be in Bali Sept. 24- Nov. 25. Private lessons in Bend, Or. will be on hold. You are encouraged to reserve your Skype sessions early. Space/time slots are limited.***

Private Yoga Lesson via Skype

Autumn also offers private yoga lessons online using the Skype platform. Skype is a free video calling platform that works well for this medium. Autumn uses high quality audio equipment during her Skype private lessons, so you will be able to hear instructions crystal clear.

During Skype private yoga lessons Autumn will demo postures, talk you through postures, and watch alignment via the video feature and offer alignment adjustments. Classes are geared toward the individual’s needs and may vary from class to class. You will receive homework assignments between sessions. Homework may include specific postures, breathing exercises, meditations, or readings.

Skype Private Yoga Lesson Rates

1 hr. $45
1.25 hr. $55
1.5 hr. $65

Skype Private Yoga Lesson Packages

5 x 1 hr. $200
5 x 1.25 hr. $250
5 x 1.5 hr. $325

Skype time slots available Sept. 26 – Nov. 22, 2016. Other times may be available at additional cost. Reserve your Skype session with Autumn today.

Bali Oregon (Pacific time)
Mon 6-8am Sun 3-5pm
Mon 10-11pm Mon 7-8am
Tues 6-8am Mon 3-5pm
Tues 11am-12pm Mon 8-9pm
Tues 10-11pm Tues 7-8am
Wed 6-8am Tues 3-5pm
Wed 10-11pm Wed 7-8am
Thurs 6-7am Wed 3-4pm
Thurs 11am-12pm Wed 8-9pm
Friday 6-7am Thurs 3-4pm

Small Group Rates

The above rates plus $15 dollars for each additional individual per session. Interested in yoga for an a bridal event? Please refer to our Wedding Wellness Yoga page.

New Clients

Nervous about trying yoga? Don’t worry about it! Ambuja Yoga loves introducing people to yoga with a gentle class that won’t be overwhelming…. and you’ll have one-on-one instruction, so you won’t have to worry about getting injured and you can ask all the questions you want. To make sure you have the best possible experience you will receive 10% off of your first package.

What to Expect From Your First Private Yoga Lesson

Your first private session (~90 minutes) is a consultation where we discuss your goals, limitations/injuries, time requirements, and we practice a shortened yoga practice. This is an opportunity for us to get to know one another and determine whether we’re the right fit. You will also be given an appropriate length yoga sequence that will get you started working toward your goals. Don’t hesitate to contact Autumn ( about questions/concerns or to schedule your initial consultation.

Refer a Friend

Are you loving your new yoga practice? Refer a friend. If they buy a session package you earn 10% off of your next session or session package and since they’re a new client they will also get 10% off of their first session package.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Unredeemed class packages will be 100% refunded within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days there will be no refunds given for class packages.

If you, the client, cancels a session within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment there will be no refunds given. I understand that things “come up” so if you must cancel, please contact me as soon as possible, so we can reschedule at the next available time.